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Top 10 Best Kayak Car Rack

Just got a whole lot easier. That is because manufacturers have upgraded their kayak racks. Now you can get one of the top 10 best car kayak racks in 2019 to handle your kayak transporting duties.

After you attach one of the best kayak racks to your car, going kayaking will be a lot easier. Go with one of the best kayak racks in 2019 for the better way to move your kayak.

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List Of Top 10 Best Kayak Car Rack



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These two kayak holders should fit most cars, trucks and SUVs with ease. Once you attach these adjustable J racks to your vehicle, you can slide your kayak on with ease. Plus, the rollers should roll your kayak into place with little difficulty.

Also, made from aluminum, you get a lightweight but durable kayak rack with lifetime straps to hold your kayak in place. You should not have to replace those tie down racks if they are used normally.

9. THULE Hull-a-Port XT Kayak Rack

THULE Hull-a-Port XT

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This 10 by 10” J bar kayak rack can hold up to 2 kayaks at one time. All you have to do is move the adjustable bar to fit your transport needs. Plus, you get a universal fit for most vehicles.

After you unload your kayaks, you can fold the J bar down and keep it out of the way. In addition, you get tie down straps to make sure your kayaks do not fall or slide off the roof of your car.

8. GSG Roof J Car Kayak rack

2 Set Roof J rack Kayak

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Made to fit on all crossbars and load bars on all vehicles, you can use this 2-set car kayak rack to haul your kayaks to and from the river. If your boat weighs under 150 pounds, then you got yourself a good car kayak rack.

Also, the steel car rack comes with a 12-foot tie down rope to make sure your kayak does not go anywhere while you are driving. A large wheeled dolly makes taking your kayak to and from your car simple and easy.

7. Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier

Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier

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Two adjustable kayak racks make transporting, loading and unloading your boat much easier. Its 110-pound weight limit allows you to haul two kayaks at the same time. To get to your destination safely, 4-tie down ropes are included with your purchase.

Once you get the kayak rack into position, just use the locking feature to keep it securely in place. Also, extra padding helps protect your kayak from scrapes. Haul your kayaks in style.

6. Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier

Leader Accessories

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This 4-piece car kayak rack set gives you the opportunity to haul two kayaks at the same time. Once you have the rack sin place, you just slide your kayaks inside then tie them down with the included tie down ropes. 4 topes are part of your purchase.

Besides your kayak you can haul other boats like canoes or ski boards with ease. A 250-pound weight limit gives you hauling options. Foam padding protects your boats from harm

5. ROLA J Style Kayak Carrier Roof Rack

ROLA (59912) J Style

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Padding is important on a car kayak rack. They protect your expensive boat from scratches, scrapes and other issues that arise while transporting them to and from the water. This easy to use car kayak rack attaches to your vehicle quickly and easily.

Plus, the universal kayak rack comes with 2-tie down ropes, and other accessories to make your trip a success. Bow and stern tie dons are also part of this complete car kayak rack package.

4. AA Products Steel Double Folding J-Bar Rack

AA Products Steel

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After installation, you do not have to take these car kayak racks off. They simply fold down and lie quietly in place. Plus, with their padded sides, you can slide your kayaks in place without a scratch. These racks resist wear and tear from water and the sun.

Also, you get up to 150 pounds of kayak or boat weight on these car racks. In addition, a 16-foot tie down strap and all mounting hardware are a part of your purchase.

3. TMS Kayak Carrier {B00873J0YY}

AA Products 2 Pair Steel

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The universal fit design on this set of car kayak racks make sure you can get your boat to the water with ease. With 4 security straps to lock down your kayak, you should be able to drive worry free. Also, the padded car kayak racks protect the hull of your kayak from scrapes etc.

Each rack will hold a 36” kayak weighing up to 75 pounds. On a good sized truck, you can get up to 4 kayak racks on top for group adventures.

2. TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit Kayak racks

TMS 800 LB Adjustable

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These multi-use racks can haul kayaks, other boats you may own, as well as ladders etc. They have about an 800-pound weight limit so your larger boats should be transported with ease. Plus, they are not that hard to install on your vehicle.

Also, their adjustable nature allows you to expand their carrying capacity from 5 to 7 feet. After you get these car kayak racks attached to your vehicle, you can adjust their height up to 30 inches.

1. EAG Adjustable Truck Kayak Rack

EAG Adjustable Truck

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With up to 1000 pounds of weight capability, these kayak racks can transport more than one kayak at a time. Plus, this rack is made for larger trucks which allows them to carry tools, ladders and other equipment besides kayaks.

On top of that, these kayak racks are completely adjustable so you can get that perfect fit you need to haul your kayaks. An air deflector helps cut down on wind and other noise that usually comes when hauling kayaks.

Some final words

When you want to take time for yourself, using one of the top 10 best car kayak racks in 2019 is one way to accomplish that goal. They are durable, strong, and make transporting your kayak simple and easy. Everything you want in a car kayak rack these racks have.

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